Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I have to start this post by telling you about my friend Alana. She just wrote this amazing book that speaks to me more than she might realize. It's all about making things at home instead of buying them already made.
Here, meet her herself:

I have to say that I feel a special connection to Alana since she and her husband used to live in our house - they had their first child in our recording studio even. I am also very honored that Alana used one of my favorite recipes in her book!

But enough about that, let's talk about marshmallows.

Alana's book came out last week and I bought it right away. I flipped through the pages in awe of the things that I now feel even more empowered to make. I went to her book signing where she served a few of the tasty snacks from her book (and some maple popcorn too!) - and that's where I had the marshmallow. See, my daughter's birthday is on Saturday and we decided to have a cookout and bonfire for her party. As I bit into that marshmallow I realized that bonfires required marshmallows and that I had been subconsciously ignoring that fact until just that moment.

So, I went home and opened the book and tried my first attempt at making my own marshmallows.
Besides having to shop somewhere other than my cozy co-op for the ingredients, it was easier than it seemed. The end result was pretty satisfying, if I do say so myself... although, I can certainly see how this particular recipe will only get easier and tastier the more that I make it.
Here they are, 63 delicious marshmallows waiting patiently for Saturday to come (there were 64, but we has to try one of course). Obviously I can't give the recipe away since it's in this newly released book, but you can buy the book yourself and make your own!

Now, how do I keep the troops from testing a few before Saturday??
Thanks Alana!!

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  1. I love homemade marshmallows, especially since I believe you can make them vegan.