Friday, May 4, 2012

Remember the straws?

Well, I've let my straw consumption slip a little. Not on purpose of course... mostly because I forget to specifically request not to have one with my drinks when I'm out.
Then there's the times that I request not to have a straw but the bartenders or waitress forgets, so they take it out and throw it away. Ugh.

But now I'm back on the anti-straw path again, so don't worry.
Reading this article helped a lot - not that I needed much to be firmer in my communication with my lovely drink servers.

And I've already posted about these cool stainless steel straws that we use at our house:

BUT, I just came across these  stainless steel SPOON straws:

At first I thought I was looking at a dental tool (yes, I just had 2 cavities filled a few days ago...), but as I looked closer, I realized that this was the perfect ice cream eating tool!

I'm totally adding this to my imaginary wish list!

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