Friday, September 28, 2012

Mason Jar Cozy

I do love mason jars.

And now that cuppow makes the great BPA free lid to put on a mason jar to turn it essentially into a sippy cup for grownups... I find myself wanting to use mason jars more and more. And then I found myself wanting a cozy for my mason jars.
I wasn't really thinking about researching a pattern until I finished making my own, but it doesn't really matter because I still can't figure out how to read a knitting pattern.
I basically knit a shape that made sense to me - I opted for it to cover the bottom, but the next ones that I make will not cover the bottom.
Once done knitting, I sewed it up while it was on the mason jar. This ensured the fit that I was hoping for.
Luckily the shape was just right and sewing it up was super easy.
And for the final product, I sewed a piece of the yarn through the top of the cozy and tied it up, giving it just a little extra something to keep it from sliding down.

And then once I was done, I decided to hop on the internet and see how other people were making cozies for their mason jars... since I was sure that others love mason jars as much as I do.

I found cool ideas for sale on etsy, but they aren't quite what I was looking for.

And then I found this cool cozy, but if was for mason jars with regular lids (which is also very cool but now what I was looking for).

Then there were the patterns for cool knitted and felted cozies made for carrying mason jars around - I love these and will come back to them some other time.

But for now, this is my favorite pattern that I have some across. But remember, I can't follow patterns, so essentially I just look at it and try to copy it visually. Hopefully some of you can make better use of some of these patterns.


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