Monday, November 14, 2011

Bulk excitement

It's true, I get excited when I find new things in bulk.

This week when I did my "big shop", I think my family was just as excited as I was that my co-op now carries some new items in the bulk department.
Yes, that is cereal my friends. My kids have been deprived of cereal for 6 months now, since we started this package free adventure. And cereal is just one thing that I refused to cave on - a cardboard box is one things, but that plastic bag liner with almost no cereal inside is another thing altogether.
But now, cereal in bulk.

Also shown in this picture is a jar of honey roasted peanuts... a delicious new snack in our house. And let's not forget those all natural jelly beans...totally unnecessary but oh so good. If you like to bribe your kids with candy (which I do not by the way), bulk jelly beans would totally work.

And in the background (but difficult to see) are the counter top staples, bulk style of course: honey, pink himala salt and black pepper, both in refillable glass grinder jars.

One other thing in this picture, very difficult to see, is my wine carafe. And while I don't currently have a good source for buying local and/or bulk wine, I do have an idea in the works. Stay tuned for how that turns out...

One more thing, not bulk related but something I think is worth giving attention to.
My co-op is launching a new program that is pretty cool - local frozen veggies for sale.
While I would debate over this item for a while due to the plastic packaging that it come in, I think that this is a fantastic idea! Kudos to all involved.

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