Wednesday, November 9, 2011

In.gredients links, Honda, shopping locally and reusable pizza boxes

Ok, here's the deal.
I have lots to share but no time to create some well written blog post to make it all come together.

So here goes... just check out these links because I promise that they are interesting enough.

I've been following what the store (to be) in.gredients has been sharing - lots of good info! I am excited for this store to open, but it is taking some time. Once open, they will be the first no package, zero waste store... too bad they will be very far away from me. But I can still support them and look to them for ideas on how a business can do this, and hopefully help encourage zero waste even more around me.

Anyway, they have been posting lots of interesting articles, and I'm just going to share my favorites:

This article is taken from the daily green called "10 ways to green your pantry".

This article is called "reducing waste: do it for your community". And by the way, I love the pictures in this article and the one before - mostly because it is what I see in my own pantry and it's what I wish other pantries looked like!

Check out this video that they posted on their blog, it makes me feel better about owning a Honda:

Ok, ok... onto something else altogether. Check out my friend's article that she wrote about five reasons to shop locally. And if any of you are near Media, PA - that's the town she speaks of. Though I will say, that is not her in the picture and she does not regularly balance presents on her head.

And for those of you who are trying to figure out what to do with your pizza box after you get take out, check this link out. Sorry to all of you out there putting that grease covered cardboard box in the recycling bin... it does require a little more thought than that. My friend has mentioned that she wishes there was a stainless steel pizza box that she could buy and take to pizza places for to go pizza... anyone out there ready to make one?? Wait, check this out:
 What do you think? I would totally buy one and use it myself...

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