Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Some electronic waste knowledge

Well, the one good thing about being stuck at home sick is that I get to write more posts again... there is so much out there to share!

Like this video called "the Story of Electronics" that was put out by the fabulous people from the Story of Stuff Project:

If you get a chance, all of their videos are totally worth watching so please try and check them out (you can do so by going to their website).

And just in case you were wondering, this is the other thing that I have been watching while I lay on the couch all day:
This ninja warrior has also been home sick with me, but he has quite a bit more energy than I do, as you can see.

Ok, back to sleep.


  1. I like the video. As a former Silcon Valley employee and resident(recovering computer geek) I can relate. Not just e-stuff, though. I have also lived near "tech parks" in other states which manufature e-chips.
    The modular approach is already here for those who can take advantage of it. When I bought my computer 4 years ago, I bought the latest processor technology. This allows me options. It can be upgraded with memory, hard drive, other peripherals if necessary. I fully expect to get 8 to 10 years of useful life out of it - the time it needs to be replaced is actually when the operating software is no longer supported AND doesn't meet my needs anymore. And my kids laugh at how long I can get my phone to last (I got 4 years out of one tracfone). Just because the tech changes and companies tell us new phones every 2 years is good, doesn't mean we have to.
    Steve F

  2. PS: The nice thing about Ninjas vs Jedi Knights is that their swords never become e-waste :)
    Steve F