Saturday, February 11, 2012

Bake sale packaging solution

I keep running into the bake sale issue. The one where I am supposed to bake for a bake sale and then figure out how to present the baked goods without using plastic bags or some other kind of disposable one time use only wrapping. Obviously this is my issue, but still an issue nonetheless.

And today, I discovered the first of what I hope to be many good ideas for a solution to this problem (and others like it).

My daughter's class was having a bake sale today to raise money for water 1st, a charity to help bring safe water to the people in Malawi, Africa. They would be standing outside in the cold and I knew that whatever I baked would need to be wrapped in something to make it more likely to sell.

So I was contemplating how this was going to work when the idea came to me - recycled paper! (Duh) We recently received something in the mail that had a bunch of brown paper as filler in the box. It was sitting in our pile of paper to burn for fires in the fireplace, but it was the perfect thing. I wrapped the brownies up and found some string to tie them into little packages, with two per package.

Plastic free and cute too!


  1. This is a dilemma that got me thinking of a solution that goes beyond you needing to find a solution. My thought: Perhaps the coordinators of the next bake might take you up on the suggestion of requesting that the bake sale be a BYOC, or bring your own container affair. This way no one has to wrap their goods and zero waste can be achieved by all.

  2. That is a great idea that I have been toying with. I have started making sure that I BYOC and only buy snacks without specific packaging at bake sales. I want to encourage others to do the same, but it is a tricky thing! However, this particular bake sale took place on the sidewalk in the middle of town, so BYOC would have certainly made it difficult...