Friday, February 3, 2012


Today is my day off and there is lots to do as always. This is my to do list:

- complete taxes (check)
- wash laundry and hang on drying rack (check)
- donate 3 bags of clothes from hallway pile (check)
- take wooden puzzles ( the ones with all of the correct pieces) to the kids consignment shop (check)
- go to local bookstore and use credit from used books that I turned in to buy first 2 books to a series (we got the 3rd and 4th one from the used book store) for a birthday gift for a friend (check)
- go to library (there now, check)
- learn how to make soy milk from scratch to avoid buying in packaged from now on
- continue to go through and eliminate items in the hallway which have been designated as "get rid of piles" by my older kids - somethings need to go in the attic for future use, like clothes that my youngest will wear... This helps us to avoid buying new even down the line
- vacuum (enough said)
- take a walk with dog and at least one kid
- do my homework (how did this get to the bottom of the list when school is tomorrow morning? Hopefully my teacher isn't reading this...)

And that, my friends, will be everything that I expect myself to do today. Hopefully I will complete more and not less...

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