Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Chocolate popsicles

I know that it is technically winter since I live in New England and it is the beginning of February... but most of you probably know that the weather has been warm and snow has been non-existent.
Therefore, we find ourselves eating weird things like cold popsicles after school.

As most of you probably remember, I love my stainless steel popsicle maker. And I am often looking for ways to make popsicles without having to buy containers of juice, which in the past has been the easy solution for making popsicles.

But this afternoon my daughter (a self proclaimed chocoholic) reminded me of the time that I once made chocolate popsicles from hot chocolate. It was super easy and simple and this is all you need to do it yourself:

- Hot chocolate mix... you can often find this in bulk bins or you can make your own mix from bulk items. Don't forget to buy fair trade when it comes to chocolate and sugar - it's totally worth it.
- Water or milk for the hot chocolate mix (whichever you prefer)
- Popsicle makers
- A freezer

Make the hot chocolate how you normally like it. I tend to make it on the less hot side since I'm going to freeze it anyway. Also, I'm always freaked out about glass breaking, and I tend to make the hot chocolate in mason jars just because they are bigger and I can make more for the popsicle molds.

Let the hot chocolate cool a little bit and then pour it into the molds and put them into the freezer. You guys - it's that simple!! And if you happen to have the stainless steel molds, it actually freezes much faster... which means chocolate popsicles sooner!


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