Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Packaging Trials

More people than you would think are open to our approach to reducing waste.
I am finding that it is all in the approach.

Start by walking into a store and say hi, how are you, and then say something like this: "I have a question for you... Would you be willing to put my (fill in the blank) in my own container?" If the person seems a little confused then you can follow up with some kind of reasonable explanation... Depending on what you think they would respond to best: "we are trying to reduce the packaging that we use" usually does the trick, but sometimes I tell them it's an experiment that we are doing. In a very real way this is true - we are trying to see if it's possible to live in our society without using all of that packaging out there.

Anyhow, give it a shot if you are up for it. I think you will be surprised that many businesses are receptive to it. Remember that by us not using packaging saves them money to... And don't forget that your approach is key.

And of course, it's the smaller local businesses that will be most friendly about it... Yet another reason to stay away from the big corporations.

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