Sunday, July 24, 2011


One thing that everyone in my family loves is pickles. In our attempt to grow a garden this year with no real time to tend it, we grew a few practical things that we can use a lot of in our family. One of those things is cucumbers - partially because everyone likes them fresh, but mostly because everyone loves pickles.

And while our cucumbers aren't quite ready (but getting there! I'll post pics soon), a friend who went out of town for a bit asked me to take her farm share at farm girl farm for 2 weeks. I haven't had a share at a CSA for a looong time, so it was nice to go pick up veggies from one. If you aren't familiar with CSAs, then you should know that usually when you pick your share, there is a list telling you how much of each veggie or fruit you can take, based on the harvest.

So when I picked up yesterday, I was allowed no limit on how many cucumbers I could take. While I didn't give in to my urge to take them all, I did grab a good amount.

I wanted to practice some quick refrigerator pickles.

I did a quick search online for a pickle recipe, something simple. I opted to work off of this recipe.

I have made pickles in the past, but never quite found the right recipe that I liked. I decided to keep it simple for my first round and then try again with more cucumbers next weekend, based on how these guys end up working out.

They look pretty good, I'll keep you updated in a few days when we crack open the first jar.

The next thing for me to work on is canning. I used to can a long time ago and I remember one of the jars breaking and ever since then I've been nervous to do it again... but this year I will have to! So I just need to find a friend to walk me through it and hold my hand and help me out the first time.
Any takers?

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  1. My pickle cucumbers have only been coming in one at a time so not sure I will have enough to make pickles this year but I have been waiting to try doing it...

    I suppose getting some from somewhere else wouldn't be a bad idea for some practice though.

    I only have the supplies to do water bath canning and have been really wanting to try it too. But now that you mention breaking glass that isn't helping me go any quicker with learning to do it!