Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thoughtful Thursday Links... about plastic

This is certainly worth a look, even if it is totally overwhelming. Check it out:
The Truth About Plastic.

And then read about how the plastic bag companies are fighting back and suing ChicoBag.

Since I absolutely love good quality reusable water bottles, I've been thinking about getting a nice glass water bottle. What do you think?

And I couldn't help but throw this lunch box in with the links today. I love this stuff, as well as glass and stainless steal containers... I would love to replace every single one of the plastic containers in my house.



  1. I have a glass water bottle, but I never use it. Judging by the dings and dents in my beloved Kleen Kanteen, I'm afraid I'd break a glass bottle. I see them at TJ Maxx all the time, and that is where I bought mine. It looks almost exactly like the one you linked to, but mine has a metal and glass lid instead of plastic.

    Now that I think of it, do you want mine? I'm never going to use it, and it is just taking up space in my cupboard.

  2. Can you see my email address when I post comments? Just send me an address where I can mail it. (Maybe a work address if you don't have a PO box?)