Monday, September 5, 2011

On the radio... and my list of ways to make change

Last Thursday I got a phone call... someone wanted to invite me to be interviewed on a radio show about our lifestyle. I was flattered and nervous all at once - I had never been on the radio before! I quickly accepted, realizing that I couldn't let this opportunity pass to share my lifestyle with others. The show is called "From the Ground Up", and you can listen to my interview here:

In preparation for the show, I was asked to make a list of things that people can do to work towards change in their own lives/homes. I had this list ready and on hand to share, but to my (pleasant) surprise, the show went by SO FAST that I barely got to share half of what I intended to. The list never came up because we ran out of time almost immediately after we started. I decided to share the list here with you... I broke it down into 3 sections, easy, moderate and extreme. Keep in mind that these are just the things that came to my mind the night before the radio show, but there is so much room to add on to every level!

Easy steps:

- bring your own bags when you go shopping. If you have a hard time remembering to put your bags back in your car after using them, or if you forget them in the car when you go into the store, then you might want to try a bag like the ChicoBag or equivalent. Keep them in your main bag or purse, or even clip them to something. Seriously consider not using a bag when you don't really need one.

- buy local

- bring your own coffee cup

- use a reusable water bottle

- clothes: pass on clothes when done, accept clothes from others when they are done. Buy second hand when you can.

- turn off your lights, your appliances, your car. Unplug things not being used.

- eat your leftovers, don't let them go bad in the fridge

- compost

- use cloth napkins instead of disposable ones and cloth towels instead of paper towels

- refuse free things that you really don't need

- avoid buying anything unless you need it. If something is broken, consider fixing it before throwing it away and buying a new one.

- grow a garden

- ride a bike or walk instead of drive whenever you can

- pack your lunch and your kids lunches in reusable containers

- buy only natural products

Moderate level:

- bring back already used plastic bags for your produce and bulk items, no need to take new ones every time. Use cloth bags for individual items instead of just to put everything into. Bring back containers, jars, etc. to refill and reuse (just have them weighed first).

- just like the coffee cup, bring a jar or cup to put your fresh juices, smoothies or even your sodas into when you get any kind of drink to go

- take your own picnic gear to parties and potlucks that use disposable plates, utensils, napkins and cups

- bring your own containers to restaurants for leftovers

- when you need to buy a packaged item, choose glass or paper packages that can be recycled or reused, and avoid the plastic options

- use solar powered items

Extreme level:

- try to seriously minimize buying anything in packaging. Shop in the bulk department of the grocery store.

- Make it instead of buying it. If you don't know how to then learn.

- Only buy second hand items, but when you can't do that then research companies well and be sure that they have good practices to stand behind before you purchase. Try and buy these good quality products locally if you can. Vote with your dollar. If there is even one aspect of the purchase that you don't support then just don't buy it.

- invest in solar power for your home, but if that is not possible right now then invest in portable solar power to power small and medium sized appliances

- if you can't find it package free, consider eliminating it from your life. Do you really need it?

Most important step:

Don't feel guilty! If you are feeling guilty that you aren't doing something, then it's time to start doing it. If you feel guilty because you are doing something, then it's time to stop. If you don't want to change the way you are doing anything, then stop feeling guilty about it! Do what is best for you and your family.

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  1. Thanks for the lists. It helps to see what I have been doing and what might be something I can add. One thing at a time works for me!