Friday, August 5, 2011

Oh Blueberries.

Today, we went blueberry picking up on Mount Washington at Blueberry Hill Farm.
 It was only 78 degrees, but it was stinkin hot out in those blueberry fields.
 I think my oldest son ate the most blueberries out of all of us while picking.
But my daughter is the blueberry picking winner. She just got rubber bands put on her braces yesterday (which I don't want to talk about right now), so her mouth hurt too much to eat and all she could do was pick.
Here are all three of them picking away. My youngest insisted on wearing his "cowboy shirt", which is a flannel long sleeve button up, along with a bandanna around his neck. He got so hot and cranky soon after this picture was taken and once again became a non-helper.
Doesn't he look thrilled? Here is the 9 pounds of blueberries that we picked. It doesn't look like much and I wish we had picked more for sure... but we were hot and tired.

Some went in the fridge for spontaneous munching, a bunch went into the freezer for immediate freezing, and the rest went into a batch of gluten free blueberry bread and muffins.


Oh fresh berries, how I do love thee.

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