Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Shopping basket

I know that some of you wonder what it looks like when I shop. People are always poking their heads in my shopping cart, curious how I buy certain things. Since most of you can't see me shop, I thought I'd post a picture of what you might see with me when I venture out to buy food.
With these jars, I bought the following on this particular shopping trip: dish soap, laundry soap, maple syrup (my old iced tea bottles are perfect for this), oats, 2 different types of rice, some chocolate, sugar, coffee beans, pistachios and olives. I tend to use jars for bulk instead of bags (unless I run out of jars) since everything is going to just go into jars anyway... and I save the cloth bags for produce.

I know it's difficult for most people to remember to bring their cloth bags when they shop, let alone jars, etc. However, I have found that I can fit everything in this basket - and as long as I always bring my basket, I'm all set. Throughout the week as the jars start to empty out, I just put them in the basket to refill. It's really actually quite easy once you get into the routine of it.

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