Saturday, August 13, 2011

Pantry shots

Today has been an interesting day.
I know that there is a full moon out tonight but I'm really starting to feel things change a bit, on a deeper level. Today, I felt like things are really starting to fall in place.

And here are just a few reasons why.

These are some of the veggies from the farm share that someone wanted to share with me today. He knew that he couldn't eat all of it and he knew that I am totally against waste, so he offered it to me.

I have never had tomatillos, but I am going to try them tomorrow morning for breakfast with some eggs.

Beautiful cucumbers to make more pickles.

Some garlic to roast, maybe turn it into a roasted garlic spread of some kind. (Thanks farm share sharer!)

And then I told someone that I wanted to get a bike and start biking more. He told me that he had one to give me and later in the day it appeared. I'm really excited to ride a bike.

Right after that conversation, a friend told me that they had bought a new grill. Since I was into recycling and reusing, would I like the old, still very usable grill? Uh, yes! It's huge and the only downside is that it runs on propane... but we could totally have a great BBQ party with it.
At the very least we can hold onto it until we find a better home for it... but I think we could enjoy it.

On a totally different note, but sort of the same, I am excited that I have found yet another way to avoid packaged item temptation.

I love drinking honest tea, the lemon flavored one that come in glass only. But then that company offered up this really cool bike for us to raffle off at the co-op and because I am an employee there, I am not aloud to enter the raffle. And while I totally understand these very reasonable rules, I am still grumpy with them since they are one of the last companies that I am purchasing packaged product from. So to make myself feel better, I decided just to make my own stinkin iced tea. My current recipe includes bulk loose green or black tea, a little raw sugar to taste and fresh lemon.

I think it's going to work as a perfect substitute.

And I look forward to more satisfying solutions like this to help us move forward.

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