Wednesday, May 18, 2011

BLT Maki

Totally on the side, I can't quite figure out why no one has ever made BLT maki before. And if they have, I can't figure out why they kept it a secret from me.
I made it tonight for dinner and it was so. fan. tast. ic.
Bacon, lettuce and tomato wrapped up in nori with some sushi rice.

Jut do it. And if you don't eat meat, go get some of that tempeh fakin bacon and make that in place of bacon.

And just so we are clear, there was only one plate of bacon maki, the closer one (bacon is special and appreciated so we try not to over consume... and we have at least one vegetarian in the house). The other plate had cucumbers, carrots and lettuce maki. And the two uncut rolls were the kids lunch for tomorrow.

Try it!!

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