Wednesday, May 11, 2011


It's the one thing that I just can't get under: Laundry. I want to wash every non-clean article of clothing and sheets and towels and napkins, etc. in the house and then get rid of things that we aren't wearing or using, for whatever reason. I want the rest then folded and put away in drawers. But that would take a few days of solid work in this house and I simply don't have that time. And it's frustrating because I might get them washed and even dried, and EVEN folded... but then they don't make it in drawers. SO irritating.

However, the last time that I had a day off, it was the most perfect line drying day that spring could offer. The wind in combination with the sun made the clothes dry so fast! It made me remember why I love hanging clothes on the line and avoiding the use of the dryer and how much energy it uses.
I love the clothes line.

Today I will have a few hours before I go in to work and laundry will be one of my tasks... after I go to the eye doctor. And here we have another one of my hurdles: contacts. Plastic contacts that require a saline solution sold in a plastic bottle. I know that I could just where glasses, but I like not wearing glasses. This requires a bit more research (can I make my own saline solution?) and I will report back once I come up with something.

But let's get back to the laundry part of this post, but specifically the things I find piling up in my laundry (both clean and dirty), things like cloth napkins. Cloth napkins are truly one of the easiest things to have around.  You can buy them at a second hand store or make them from fabric or old clothes that you have lying around. Not feeling crafty? Try this. And while you are at it, you can make place mats, dish towels and even hankies. Why not? These things also make fantastic gifts, especially if you have a friend that has recently moved and could use a house warming gift.

We have successfully not bought any paper products for years, with the exception of toilet paper (which I will now only buy 100% recycled in a paper wrapper, no more plastic). It's not something that I think about too much because we already do this, but it is something to consider when I wonder why I can't get under my laundry load. However, this is all manageable. I will get a hold of our laundry sometime this month (I know that's a crazy long goal, but remember, I work a lot - currently 6 days a week).

Now, I'm off to start the next load of laundry and then drive someone to school, then go to the eye doctor, then back home to hang my laundry and then hopefully I can get in a hike before I go to work. Wish me luck!

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