Friday, May 27, 2011

Thinking positively

I have been working on my positive thinking and putting things into perspective. I frequently am trying to put things into perspective throughout the day without offending people... some people can't handle it so they simple don't hear it, but those that need it appreciate it I think.

For example, someone told me that I looked tired the other day... and I was truly exhausted. Instead of moaning and complaining about it, I acknowledged it. Then I looked down at the newspaper they were buying and I said, I am exhausted but at least my house didn't get taken away by a tornado.
Now, I know that may sound extreme, but I need the reality check. This week has been my own personal whirlwind: I'm working a 50 - 60 hour work week, my partner has been working non stop trying to finish an album, the kids still have to get to and from school every day, we bought a new (used) car and are trying to sell the one that we are replacing, one of our cars got a flat tire... and to top it all off, we happen to be really broke this week.
See? My own personal whirlwind.
BUT look at what I have: a home, lots of good food to eat (even if we are looking through the back of the pantry for it), a great family, sweet kids (well you know what I mean), a good job, we live in a great community, the winter is over, etc etc. And, my house didn't get taken away in a tornado. Put like that, things are pretty damn good.

When you start giving in to the positive thinking, it becomes contagious. I can think about how today is my day off (serious hooray there) and how last night when I went out for a drink, someone said that I look 20 years old (really?), and how today is going to be beautiful out and I can go lay on a blanket with a picnic at the Steiner school were my daughter is having her Olympiad. Oh, let's not forget how happy I am that I'm not sore at all today from hiking Monument Mountain yesterday. See, I could look around my house and think of all of the things that have to get done and start stressing about them... laundry to wash, months of cleaning to catch up on (seriously, months), sheets to change, a car to clean out before I sell it... but I would SO much rather think of lying on that blanket and eating yummy food and watching kids run around barefoot in togas doing olympic sports. in the sun. Doesn't that sound so much nicer?

Thinking positively is helping me when I talk to people about what I've been doing to change my family's ways as well. People are quick to criticize, but it's not really me that they are criticizing I realize, it's really them having issues with themselves not doing what I'm doing. Psychology can be weird some times... I find myself easing the skepticism that people have around what I'm doing. Is it really that suspicious? One person said that I'm not really eliminating packaging because the bulk items come in a package before they get put into the bulk bins... yes, this is very true and I am aware of this (I do work at a co-op and have filled some bulk bins once or twice myself). Now come on, does anyone really think that is the same as just buying some rice in a plastic bag already packaged off the shelf? But it's all ok, people are aloud to think and feel what they want and I'm not going to take it personally. I simply explained that I don't mind sharing packaging with lots of others so that we have full bulk bins and that my real goal is to eliminate and reduce within my home and what I buy directly. Even last night I refused the cocktail napkin and asked to keep my already received plastic stirring straw for the next drink (I was too late for the first drink). This may sound silly to some, but it's just becoming a mindset for me. People are open to it and even appreciate that I care enough to ask. Are cocktail napkins even really necessary? Not really and most people just don't care - I'll be honest, I almost don't care about them myself. So if that's the case, then why the heck would I need or want one? Ok, maybe I'm dwelling here, but the cocktail napkin could represent a many number of items offered atomically to you on a daily basis. Imagine if we all starting politely refusing these things? Bags, receipts, paper cups, junk mail, fliers... and yes, cocktail napkins.

Ok, I'm done.

Now I want to think about that picnic that I'm going to have today. Here is some of the yummy food we will eat:

We probably won't take the butter... but we will eat the chicken and mozzarella balls and avocado and tomatoes and amazing lettuce from my friend Jen's farm (Woven Roots) and organic grapes (just in at the co-op!)... and of course some popcorn, the ultimate bulk snack in our house.

And now, I'm going to go pack that all up and go enjoy my day!

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