Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Less is More

It's already getting easier to shop. There is a real change of mindset here - I really have to force myself to ignore some things that are on sale or just look good when I am shopping for food... which is frequently since I work in a grocery store. This is a really good test for me because I have yet to need something other than food. I find myself not wanting to go in any stores, actually. I admit that I used to run to the dollar store every now and then for the simple and cheap thing... but now I have no interest. I now wonder what else I can use instead of going to a store or if I can get it used from somewhere. When I see food in the grocery store, I wonder how I can get it without the packaging. It definitely some good takes planning - I have to take jars with me to work in case an opportunity arises to get cheese or other bulk packaged items before they get put in plastic packaging.

Here was what was successful when I shopped today:
What's missing are the 2 boxes of soy milk that I bought. I'm working on that one.

Produce is great in mesh bags but I am finding that when I get home, I put them in old recycled plastic bags because they last longer in the fridge that way. Does any one have a better or alternative solution to the plastic bags to keep produce fresh?

The other thing that I bought today was this:
A case of biodegradable trash bags. This is A LOT of trash bags for us, especially since we are aiming to cut down to one trash bag a month (at the most). My thought with the trash bags is that if there happens to be something in the trash that might break down (biodegrade), it never will if it is mummified in a plastic bag that takes 1000 years to break down. In a biodegradable bag, at least in a year or two, things that can break down will. It's not ideal but it is something.
By the way, this really is a ridiculous amount of trash bags for us - 12 boxes with 15 bags per box. If we make our goal then that is like 15 years worth of trash bags. Luckily, I think a few people will buy a box or two from me and take them off my hands.

And now let me leave you with the reason for the title of this post: Less is More.

LESS junk food, MORE nutrients.
LESS car trips, MORE exercise.
LESS sweets, MORE weight loss.
LESS possessions, MORE space.
LESS self-pity, MORE happiness.
LESS presents, MORE appreciation.
LESS waste, MORE conservation.
LESS TV, MORE conversation.
(I did not write this, I just like it a lot)

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