Sunday, May 22, 2011

It's getting easier

It really is.
I only bought one thing when I shopped today that I was bummed about - a gluten free baking mix that came in a plastic package. However, I justified it in my head because it means that I will be making many treats with the mix to avoid buying more packaged stuff that would be in plastic packaging. And the kids will have snacks for school or after school. I can send one of the blueberry raspberry muffins that I just made instead of a luna bar (for example) for the kids to have after school on the days they need extra snacks because they have baseball or dance or drumming. The muffin doesn't need to be in disposable packaging.
There, I feel a lot better... but obviously still a tad guilty if I just spent that much time explaining myself.

But the blueberry raspberry muffins that we made tonight were really tasty, see:
Yes, that's me eating a muffin (no jokes please, or I may never post another picture of myself).

Anyway, moving on.

Here is what I bought for dinner tonight:

(Obviously I didn't buy the kid, he just really likes to pose with food).
That's some really tasty homemade salad dressing in the bottle on the left - I didn't buy that either.

And here was the simple and quick salad that I made from the above ingredients after my long day at work:

So now when I am hungry, I really have to think - not only about what I want, but also about what will satisfy me without buying something in a package. This can be more difficult than you think when you work all the time in a store that sells it's fair share of packaged products. I tend to eat a lot more from the hot bar and salad bar... which is good when I think about it because I used to just snack more throughout the day and now I will just eat a meal.
This also goes for meal planning with my family though. We certainly have more limitations now in terms of what to make for dinner. Due to my overly busy schedule and the gluten free diet for some of us and the minimal package all around... and I imagine that most would see that as impossible (people say that to me) or just too much to deal with. I certainly get that, but since this is what is holding me together right now and giving me inspiration, I see it as an enjoyable challenge instead. Sometimes I just walk around with a jar in my hand, wondering what I could put in it that I could create a meal out  of.

Tonight it was shrimp and local lettuce (yea for local stuff coming in!) and an avocado and a really ripe tomato. And it was really good and satisfying.


One thing that made me feel good today that required no thought: One of my employees was dealing with trash and recycling and came to take away what was at the desk that I was sitting at. He said to me "you have been the only one sitting at this desk all day and you created absolutely no trash". I thought to myself, why would I have trash? And then I realized that this was just getting easier...

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