Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Trash time

So it's been about 3 weeks since I started this blog which means it's been about the same period of time since we changed our kitchen trash can last. We do have a sort of small trash can, it fits inside the cabinet next to the compost bucket. I was really thinking that it's a bit silly to have the trash can be larger than the compost bucket when most of our waste is food waste. We dump the compost maybe 3 or 4 times a week but we are currently looking at 3 weeks for changing the trash bag. My hope is that as we weed out most of the plastic packaged stuff in the house, we will be looking at changing the trash much less than that.
Here is our trash consumptions since starting this journey:

I can see signs of stuff that we no longer buy in this trash bag, so it gives me some hope that we will have less to offer our trash bag this month. I also know that some of this trash wasn't ours - people who came to our house and I didn't have the heart to ask them to take their trash with them, even though at least one of them asked if they should (that was a disposable diaper).

I even had to change our trash pick up. That big blue trash can outside would take a really long time to fill up at the rate that we are moving towards reducing our trash. I certainly don't want to pay for regular pick up... I think we are looking at just dropping the service all together at this point.

Here are some great facts that might make you want to cut back even more on adding to our landfills.

And for something totally off subject, I took another photo of my fridge tonight because at least a few of you found it interesting to see what was in there. I'll be honest, I kind of like seeing photos of other people's fridges too. No idea why.

Actually, this picture is kind of funny now that I look at it here. One sip of milk, one piece of shrimp, a tiny bit of iced coffee left... There's lots of other stuff that you can't see in this photo, but the good news is that we have consistently been able to see the back of our fridge and I know everything that is in there right now.

In the next few weeks we will be going strawberry picking at Thompson-Finch farm and I just purchased some of these awesome airtight stainless steel containers so that we can freeze without plastic! I'm sure I will post when they arrive... at least about the package that they will come in because I will have to figure out what to do with it - this is my first real non food purchase that is new since working on eliminating waste, however, I also bought a (non plastic) watering can today so that we can water our garden plants. Both purchases involved conscious decision making based on the company that sold them.

How silly to be so excited about containers.


  1. Ooooo! I need a new watering can, and I've been looking for over a year (I've been using an old wine bottle for ages). I keep hoping I'll find a nice watering can at a yard sale or the thrift store. What one did you get?

  2. I bought a galvanized steel watering can from a local nursery that I know is owned by a local family. Here is the one that I bought:
    It's actually perfect for our garden and I really like that the water isn't wasted like it would be if I ran the hose.

  3. I saw that watering can on Amazon (where it got some bad reviews because of issues that sounded like a result of poor packaging for mailing), and I've looked all over to find it in person. The garden center I go to only carries OXO watering cans, which are plastic. Same at the family-owned hardware store in my town. I'm still holding out hope for a good yard sale find.

  4. ML, maybe you could also try craigslist and freecycle where you are? I really like this watering can - no complaints so far!
    One other thought is to request that the family owned hardware store carry something other than plastic watering cans - even if they can bring in one for you it would be a guaranteed sale. It can't hurt to ask - you might be surprised...

  5. If I get really serious about a new watering can, I will. I struggle with the fact that my bucket-and-wine bottle approach is working just fine (I don't feel like I'm wasting water), so why do I really want a watering can? Is it for convenience or the novelty? Will it save me time or make the job easier? What would my grandma have done (seriously, that is my litmus test for a lot of things like this)? This is why I didn't ask the hardware store to order one for me. I know they would have - they happily ordered a metal trash can I wanted a couple months ago - I just don't know if I want one enough to get a NEW one. Know what I mean?

    I spend WAY too much time thinking about this watering can. :-)