Friday, June 17, 2011


Here's the deal:
We need new ice cube trays. We like ice, especially in the summer. We have an ice cube maker but we don't use it because we don't want to take the time to figure out how to hook up the water line to make it work. That's the real reason but for some reason I feel like ice cube trays are more environmental friendly... I haven't looked into the facts behind this one but maybe if there is a water line involved then potentially more water and certainly more energy would be used... no?

Anyway, we have been using plastic ice cube trays because that's what we have, but they are breaking. I wanted so badly to buy some of these stainless steel ice cube trays when I bought those awesome popsicle makers, but money is tight as always and we had to pick and choose. We picked the popsicle makers, obviously... but then today I came across these:

They are aluminum, but they were free. Oh the dilemma!

A friend just bought this old church that had a ton of kitchen stuff in the basement up for grabs, and something inside me told me to look in the freezer... and sure enough, there they were. I've been going back and forth about these as well as doing lots of research, but meanwhile, I will admit that I washed them and filled them and they are in my freezer now.

I am aware of the issues with aluminum. But when I really started thinking about it, I wondered if plastic ice cube trays were better than aluminum ones. I just don't know! This video convinces me to want to buy plastic bottles over aluminum cans, but coming across free aluminum ice cube trays is different then what this video is talking about... mostly because the video speaks of what it takes to produce this stuff new. Here's the deal guys: if I were going to spend my money on brand new ice cube trays, they would be stainless steel so there would be no issues... but that is just not the case right now.

Well anyway, my youngest likes them.
So let's just see how it goes.

And if you guys have more info for me to drop them or if I come across something else in my research, I will let you know.

But for now, I'm happy to have those broken plastic ice cube trays out of my freezer... and the new ones looks much nicer.

On a side note, I find it interesting that people that I know who would never use aluminum cookware or kitchen items (I won't cook in aluminum myself either), would still not think twice about drinking out of an aluminum can... something to think about.

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