Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thoughtful Thursday Links

I've been happily avoiding the internet more frequently this past week, and I hope to continue with my pattern of looking online less. However, I do have a few links and articles that I came across this past week to share, but first: a quick trash check in.

It's been a solid month since we last took out the trash. Our trash can is pretty full, but I think we can still put more in it. We are still weeding out old packaged goods in the house but we also have some outside trash that ends up in there - wrappers from another source that might come home with my kids and trash that we find when we are out taking walks (this is frustrating, but we can't leave it there obviously). Anyhow, we will be having company this weekend and I'm hoping to make it until the weekend passes to take out the trash, but it might not be a reasonable goal. While people have good intention to not bring disposable products into our home, it still happens... and that's ok (mostly).

Anyway, I am short on time and need to hang the clothes on the line before I go to work, so let me start by sharing this article about how much is saved by using a clothes line instead of a dryer. It's from a few years ago, but the info is still relevant.

This is interesting about reducing heating and cooling bills.

Here is an article about fuel efficiency and flying - they tell you who are the most efficient airlines and who are the least.

This is a very weird story about a girl who is advocating for bottled water. I'm a little unsure what to think about it.

And lastly, while this is also a few years old, if you haven't seen the raft made out of trash yet, check this out.

That's all I've got for the moment, but more is coming soon because I've got lots to share in my back catalog of thinking.

And now, turn your computer off and go outside... that's where I'm going!

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