Sunday, June 5, 2011

Special Deal

Check it out: Jerry from Let's Go Green is kind enough to offer my readers a 25% discount off of your next order - thanks Jerry! Just use the coupon code "FRIEND" at checkout and the discount will be applied. This is the company that I linked the biodegradable trash bags too... and I want you all to know that I am learning to link very carefully. I make sure that the company is good quality and offers quality products.
To be fair, I probably won't be buying any of the disposable stuff from this website... but there is still some good, environmentally friendly stuff there (disposable and non-disposable), so check it out.

In general I always suggest to only buy what you need... but when you need something, make sure you are buying quality. And of course, shop consciously!

If you are curious at all, I am thinking about getting some light bulbs from this website to update our regular old light bulbs that we still have around the house, eating up energy. But just for fun, check out this awesome outdoor composting toilet! Think of how different this world would be if more people used products like this... and if what I'm talking about is all new to you, consider trying this green home starter kit.

Ok, onto the next blog post in my head.

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