Sunday, June 12, 2011

Trash check in

So it's been almost 2 weeks since we took out our trash last so I thought I'd check and see how we are doing:
Not too bad. As you can see, the biggest piece of trash is that stinkin corn chip bag (the one that I thought was recyclable paper throughout, but ended up having a plastic liner). There are also two other bags from snacks that we still had lying around, as well as a non-biodegrable sponge that we just finished up with before switching over to biodegradable ones, and some random stickers from veggies and whatnot.

At this rate it looks like I have a few weeks to figure out what to do with the trash bag once it is full now that we no longer get trash pick up, but I'm not really worried...


Totally on the side, I wanted to report about a local restaurant that has taken steps to reduce waste. We enjoy going to this cool little family run restaurant that has slowly been making good changes. When they first opened, they offered paper plates with some of their food, but soon after they transitioned to using cool tin plates (I think they are tin anyway). However, the last time that we ate there, I ordered a salad that automatically had the dressing on the side. I was a bit bummed because the dressing came in a little disposable cup... so I wrote a note to them about it and suggested that they consider using reusable containers for stuff like that. I know that they are environmentally conscious, so I felt comfortable doing this.They wrote back a very nice note thanking me for the suggestion and for making them a little more aware... And then today one of their family/staff told me that they have since switched to reusable salad dressing containers and are thinking about doing more. That's such good news!

So, if you have a favorite place to go to and you find that there are some practices that don't make you totally happy, tell them! You never know... maybe you might influence some positive chance. The worst thing that could happen is nothing - so it's certainly worth a shot. And if you are really not happy about what they are doing and they have no desire to think about change, stop going there!
Remember: vote with your dollar!

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  1. I'm so impressed with your trash. So inspiring! Gypsy Joynt looks awesome - very cool they made that change based on your suggestion.