Saturday, June 18, 2011

Sustain Ability Committee

Today, at the Berkshire Co-op Market Solstice Celebration, the environmental committee that a few of us have started had a table set up. It's been a great start for all of us involved - we have been working toward getting the co-op to be as environmentally conscious as we can be by doing small things to start - things like following up with our waste removal company to communicate about what they do with our waste and whether or not we are doing things right on our end (sorting, etc.)... We are also working towards better education for staff as well as customers and eventually our community. We have started the process of better recycling containers, etc... but we still have a ways to go (one step at a time).

Anyhow, those of us on the committee are super busy and doing our best to find time to do the leg work to make the change needed. Our table today was simple, but really set up to let people know that we, the Sustain Ability Committee, exist... and to give a few suggestions and thoughts about being more environmentally conscious.

One of the things on our table was a display of things that we suggested that people could have on hand to avoid having to buy things in packaging:
This is what you see in our display (all sold at our co-op!):
- Our co-op's logo klean kanteen double walled, 16oz. stainless steel water bottle (best used for coffe, in my opinion... but some think that it keeps beer cold just as well).
Snack taxi reusable cloth snack and sandwich bags.
- Cotton drawstring reusable cotton bags made by Mothering Mother that can be used for bulk or produce.
- ToGoWare bamboo utensils that are perfect for on the go eating so that you don't have to grab plastic utensils.
- Berkshire Co-op Market logo bags: our $2 canvas bags as well as the chico bag that has our logo on it.
- Stainless steel food containers - I can't find the link for the one in the picture but here is a link to some other containers that we had on the table that we also sell at the store.
- Lastly, there were glass jars in the display that are simply just containers that I carry with me when I'm going to shop for food - all of them were originally glass jars that food came in that I saved and cleaned out to reuse.

The other thing that we had at our table were lists about the 4 "r"s...
 And lastly, RECYCLE:
Sorry about the glares on the photos... but it's important to note that our last board was "recycle" and we really aren't emphasizing it. In fact, we want to encourage people to recycle as a last resort! Yes, recycling is better then throwing things in the trash, but what if you could avoid getting to that phase all together?

Our committee is still in the beginning stages and open to ideas and suggestions - so please give us ideas! We want to make a difference both at the store and in our community...

Look forward to reading more about what we are doing!

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