Monday, June 6, 2011

Thinking about toxic chemicals in the home

I just came across this movie called "Chemerical" - check it out, you can watch most of it right on the website. It's about a family that is challenged to remove all of the toxic chemicals (cleaners, body products, etc) from their home and replace them with all natural ones. The cool thing that I really liked about this flick was that the family got into making a lot of their own stuff. This totally appeals to me right now as I am trying to avoid packaging in general, but especially plastic packaging - which is what most cleaners and body products come in.

If you go to this link, they have some recipes available to download that are taken from their cookbook of chemical free recipes - also available through their website. There is also a youtube channel with some fun little tips to check out.

Do you make any homemade cleaning or body products? If so, let me know - I am looking to make toothpaste next (since that looks like the next thing that we will need)... I will let you guys know how it goes!


  1. I am seeing a book in your future, along with a line of personal care products and cleaners, all packaged in (cobalt perhaps) glass containers and sold locally at area farmers markets and the Coop.

  2. Thanks Laura!
    I don't know though... I'm just doing research and learning what's good for me and my family along the way. I have yet to dabble in making my own products, but soon enough!

  3. We just use vinegar and castile soap in their own spray bottles , both mixed with water. Well we are using dish soap and dishwasher soap too... Once we get these

    I will probably just fill with castile soap for the dish washing too.

    Yay that is what I am doing once I get the Xylitol! I have the rest of the ingredients just waiting to be able to get a package of a seemingly good brand. I am trying to remineralize our teeth as much as possible...

    Although I am not sure how I want to store it so it would be easy to us. I wonder if those soap pumps would work!? That would be a great solution :O Thanks for making me think of it! LOL It may very well be too thick to work but worth a shot!

  4. Oh crap - I must have those soap pump lids! Thanks EM...